Nurse Lilly Latex is an experienced Med-Surg Fetish Play Assistant with three years of med-surg tutelage experience in Nurse Gypsy’s and Dr. Mia’s Apprenticeship Program, from which She graduated in December of 2018 and moved on to become Dr. Lilly, DDS, however still enjoys being the O/R. Assistant at the Kink Clinic.

Nurse Lilly Latex enjoys dental procedure scenes, enemas, sounding, deep probing, consensual-non-consent exam sex roleplay, extreme E.R. roleplay scenes, and resuscitation play.  

Nurse Lilly is also known as “Dr. Lilly DDS” in various reviews and chat boards.

Dr. Lilly, DDS especially enjoys laughing gas “sedation” roleplay, intricate braces w/head-gear placement, loose tooth extractions, dental impressions and playful to sadistic drilling. 

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