Nurse Nasty (Connecticut / USA)

Mistress Suzanne SxySadist (aka Nurse Nasty) has been a professional Dominatrix for nearly 10 years and has vast experience and a true love for her art. She has a very sensual style of domination and enjoys playing on all levels from gentle to highly sadistic.

Although she is NOT a licensed medical professional, Suzanne has taken two semesters of college anatomy & physiology courses and passed both with a perfect grade point average. She is also CPR certified and trained in basic Emergency Life Support techniques. She has also taken over 200 hours of professional massage training courses with the Body Electric School.

Her Medical Play facility has four dedicated playrooms, each with a different theme and is specifically located in northwestern Connecticut about halfway between NYC & Boston.

Please visit her beautiful website: Nurse Nasty

Nurse Nasty Nurse Nasty