Naughty over Butt

Hi, my name is Sophie, the owner of the eccentric Villa Renata. I am the Dominant and ruler of all the staff running my business. I love new clients, yet this story is about one of my favourite customers and now business partner. She is really interesting.

Her name is Robyn, a political advocate and a lawyer by profession. She spent years living a life of success and pristine lifestyle. She was reserved when it came to her private life, never exposed her peers to her sexuality or activities outside work. She was neutral to the world and she loved her life for it.

After a year of running a political campaign, she decided that travelling will help her unwind from an intense year. The south of Italy was a dream and one that she was prepared to make come true. Robyn logged in her computer and without thinking it twice booked herself into a Spa villa. The description of Villa Renata was of a “secluded and discreet spa facility, with a touch of adventure and risque staff; only for adults couples or single rollers”. Not typically her type of destination, but Robyn wanted a change and to explore something she had never experienced before.

The phone rang after the booking, it was the Villa Renata’s Manager, who had a strong Italian accent. “Hello, Ms. Robyn, thank you for booking with us. I would like to confirm your booking, do you have time?” “Oh yes”, said Robyn feeling slightly odd after having to confirm her reserved booking online. “Alright”, said the Manager, “your full name is Robyn Shaw?” Yes, followed by a pause, the Manager continued. “For this hotel Ms. Shaw, we believe in privacy, for this reason, we will change your name if you don’t mind to Rosa Cha, would you be happy with this name Ms. Shaw?” With a nervous voice, Robyn answered yes.

After our conversation he continued, “I would like to read the rules for your stay, if you are happy with the rules of Villa Renata, I will confirm your Villa immediately and arrange your transportation and facilities. Do you have time for this process and recommendations for your stay?” Robyn, breath deeply into the phone and nodded without saying a word. “Sorry? Ms.Shaw, I need an answer before I can read the policy.” “Yes, of course, I do agree, please continue with this”, she rushed.

“The Management of Villa Renata has reserved the right to keep your stay entirely a secret, no documentation under your real name will be allowed, no personal belonging besides your passport and credit card should be with you upon arrival. We strongly suggest buying new outfits that will not be recognised as your common wear. To make your decision easier, we recommend swimwear, easy access long dresses, short dresses also suitable for warm weather, two pairs of heels and beach footwear, underwear is optional and preferably something you don’t wear regularly. A wig is highly recommended to disguise your true identity unless you would like us to provide it for you.”

“Do you understand and accept the Villa’s policy during your stay?”

There was a long silence after the Manager finished the last word. Robyn was shocked and concerned about whether she made a good decision staying at a place that had the word risque in its tagline. After, mumbling she finally said, I do accept, why the hell not. The Manager continued by saying, “Alright, I will arrange a car on the day, don’t worry about lunch, we will provide anything you will need on the day. Good day, and welcome to Villa Renata.”

D-day arrived and Robyn was ready for a new adventure. The flight was smooth and the travel even better. The Manager did keep his promise, arranging suitable transportation, prosecco for the ride and a light lunch. The driver was a beautiful woman dressed in a black suit. She smiled and opened Robyn’s door speaking to her in Italian. The female chauffeur drove calmly until they arrived at the Villa. It was almost nightfall and the streets were lit with beautiful street light in the middle of nowhere. There was a gentleman was waiting outside wearing a tuxedo. The car stopped and with grace, the butler opened the door and grabbed the luggage, “Welcome Ms Cha”, he said. His English was perfect with a soft voice. He asked Robyn to follow him to the room and he said nothing until he grabs the keys to open the door for her. “This is your room, the others will join shortly. Please change into something comfortable. Goodnight for now.”

Robyn was confused and before she could ask about the others joining, the butler left the room and locked the door behind him. Robyn was scared and worried that this would be the end of her, but nothing awful happened. What was strange was the behaviour of the people around her. Yet, she decided to go along with it and worry only when there was something to worry about.

Robyn walked into the shower to relax and refresh after a long trip, the music in the bathroom was loud enough to blend the sounds of her room door opening. Her eyes were close, lathering her hair with shampoo. Suddenly, she was touched, hands over her tits and mouth, while rubbing Robyn’s body gently and a voice whispering into her ears. “Don’t scream, I am not going to hurt you.” It was a female voice. The voice continued, “I am going to make you cum during this shower and after, you will help me punish a bad boy, you will only have to sit down and witness my punishment, but before, I will make you cum so hard you will be happy to comply with my commands.” Robyn nodded and let the stranger run her hands over her body milking her tits while moaning in her ears, whispering how much she enjoys the body she is touching, wanting to explore her pussy deeply.

The fingers were familiarizing with Robyn’s body rushing down fetching for her clit, each stroke was followed by kisses down her neck. Everything was foggy, the shower was getting steamy and the moaning louder from the stranger. The rubbing got even more intense and all the sudden the fingers are invading Robyn’s G-spot and she can no longer hold herself. The stranger is pulling her legs apart allowing every finger to invade her sex, she let’s go and explodes with multiple orgasms, which made her faint.

“It is time to wake up”. The stranger laughed and slapped Robyn’s face on each cheek. Robyn was confused and groggy, not sure what is happening, everything around her seemed staged. When her focused was back to normal she noticed a huge mirror dividing her room with the one next door. The stranger introduced herself as Sophie. She was wearing a hot nurse outfit, with high pink heels, pink lips and exposed breasts. While chewing her gum, she asked Robyn to also look at herself.

Robyn has no option than to just go with the flow before panicking. The mirror showed her the new attire she was wearing, a pink short skirt, legs were covered with white fishnets and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Both hands covered in pink latex gloves and the makeup was so over the top, Robyn was not able to even smile, considering how excessive the lips were painted and mapped out.

Sophie left the room and through the microphone with a stern voice ordered Robyn to sit down that’s right she said, that is all you have to do and please don’t smile, you will ruin my session. Robyn was happy to agree to these terms, it seemed it would be easier and less dangerous to do so. However, she was wondering if looking at herself was the main task. A sound check was carried out, it was Sophie’s voice, 1, 2, 3, Ms Cha, please repeat after me “smack him harder” so I can test the sound, please. What? Robyn said shocked. “Say it damn it!” Sophie snapped and whispered into the mic, “Fucking lawyers, come on!” Robyn whispered the first time and Sophie, warned her one last time that if she did not say it, she will be tied up. Robyn dreaded the idea and rushed to screaming the words “smack him harder”.

Thank you, now we can move on, said Sophie annoyed and a touch of sarcasm, she continued by yelling out, dim the lights, it’s time to start here. The lighting changed and Robyn now has a vivid image of Sophie with a man lying upside down naked on a leather table. The man was gagged and arms being pulled with chains that were connected to the wall. There was no screaming or crying. Robyn got closer to the mirror, wanting to make sure he did not need assistance and all the sudden Sophie’s voice popped out again with a stern tone “Sit down Ms.Cha. You will watch this poor boy be used and abused by me, Nurse Sophie and her assistants. You will direct our acts tonight, are you ready?”

“Direct? What do you mean by that, hello? Excuse me?” Robyn shouted nervously. All the sudden, it seemed the voice was only on her end. Nothing was echoing or coming out from her side. Sophie slams the door behind her, walking up to Robyn, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her back towards her. “You listen to me, Ms lawyer, you are at my territory, my rules, you are not to scream or get out of character, do you see that poor idiot on the table? He paid good money for a good time and you will help me give him a good time. My friends Lisa and Anna will be joining me; we are all nurses and he wants to be spanked like a little boy. You are the main doctor and will make sure he gets the best medical attention possible. Am I clear Ms Lawyer?”

“Yes, it is clear”, Robyn answered anxiously.

Alright, let’s move people, Sophie shouted walking towards the other room and started the session. The man is still on the table with his head covered with a pillowcase and handcuffed on both his hands and legs. Two other girls walked in the room. They both had a white latex nurse outfits, blue and white, well shined, showing off their curves. Sophie bends over next to the man’s ears whispering, “It is time to begin, my other nurses are here and the main doctor will be telling us what to do. You better obey, little worm or I will make sure you get really punished.” The bench started to fold from the waist down, exposing his ass and making his balls even more visible.

Sophie grabbed a paddle and instructed the other two to help themselves too. One of the paddles had metal spikes and the other was made out of leather. Sophie looked at the girl with the leather paddle and told her to place the paddle in the water, this way the blows will be harder when spanking. “Are you ready?”, she asked looking at the window, making sure Robyn was on board. Sophie walked her nails across the man’s ass, taunting him and making the area sensitive. “Well Dr. Cha, tell us what to do with the naughty patient. He has been a very bad boy, after his surgery. He just won’t eat anymore, isn’t that a shame? What should we do with him?” Sophie softly shared.

Mumbling, Robyn aka Dr. Cha said with a tremble in her voice, “well, he deserves a spanking.” “Is that it?” said Sophie. “No that is not it,” continued Robyn. “He also deserves his balls beaten and pulled while spanked.” “Yes, yes”, said Sophie, “that is much more like it.” Sophie asked the girls to bring in the ropes to tie up his balls and attached it to the wall bolt at the other side of the wall, stretching every inch of the man. He was now exposed and Sophie performed the first spank with her bare hands. She dug her nails in after each spank and used both hands to smack each ass cheek. The sounds were loud and the ass was feeling the heat. The man was gagged so unable to scream out the level of pain. He could only cry and drool on himself.

“It is leather time!” Sophie jumped, swaying her hips really excited. The paddle was dripping wet and the nurse was getting ready to strike his ass. Sophie reminded the girl she had to put everything into it if she wanted a cut. Girl number 1 smacked the man’s ass hard one blow after the other with no mercy. The skin was starting to bleed and the man was now shivering and sweating from the pain, screaming through the gag and drooling profusely. Robyn was feeling aroused watching the man suffer, her pussy is dripping and her tongue sliding out her mouth to softly start licking her lips. The intensity was more than she can control, her body was shivering and her skin experienced a deep orgasm.

Girl number two took her turn punishing the man as a piece of meat that needed to be tenderised. Robyn, press the intercom and while moaning, she instructed all three girls to spank him taking turns. Robyn could no longer contain herself and she watched the girl sweat and get naked after each spank and the only thought Robyn had was on cumming hard. The air was thick with tension. Sophie was spanking while also pulling the two girls nipples. A splash came through the microphone; it was Robyn’s juices splashing all over the glass. She screamed from ecstasy and commanded the girls to jump over the man and rub their clits over his back with a continuous round of spankings until a growl spat out the man’s gagged mouth. He was cumming hard and dripping his spunk all over the bench.

Robyn smiled and said, “Sophie, I am the main bitch now”, and wink through the glass.

Written by Domina Orchid