Mistress Odette (Austin, Texas)

Medical Miscreant, Cruel Enema Nurse, Precise Surgical Medical play, Hard Sports and Sensual Medical Play.  Medical fetishism is one of My most deeply and dearly held kinks. 

For Me, the role of Medical Professional fits perfectly into My natural disposition.  I enjoy having control, but the sensible control of a trusted station.  As your nurse/doctor, I am subjecting you to strange procedures, but the underlying narrative is one of precision and care.  Conversely, I deeply enjoy perverting the professional role, abusing My power and position, turning My clinic into a dark fantasy of inappropriate experimentation. 

My creative and meticulous traits are the perfect compliment to medical play; My experiments are unique, detailed and reflect the unparalleled training.  My exclusive dungeon in Austin, Texas is equipped with a full and unique medical space, complete with medical table and Venus 2000 milking machine, a huge collection of TENS unit toys and towering cabinets filled with tools.  Come be my plaything, come be My experiment…