Mistress Arielle (Amsterdam)

In my live out your fantasy sessions I bring all my sexual fantasy experience of six years. I will explore your mind and your body going deeper into your hidden sexuality than you could do alone, I will extract your dirtiest night time obsessions. Done skillfully this will unlock your sexuality and you will hardly be able to contain your sexual excitement.

Next I make them real, feeling into the parts of you that you never thought would go further than a pornographic fantasy. Sodomising you, dressing you up like a girl and finger slamming you, it all comes to life here.  I use all of the other practices I have described to make this a unique, liberating experience each time.

Come and make your fantasy real in my play space in Amsterdam, more information on my website.

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  1. Do you administer poppers and/or gas? I’m in Amsterdam next Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and would be interested in serving you if the answer is yes.

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