Mistress Amanda Wildefyre (usa)

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre has an exhaustively well-equipped medical room includes an examination table with stirrups, a rotating traction bed, an orthapedic surgery table, a hospital foot-pedal sink and an electric birthing chair. Clinic scenes may involve thorough examinations, enemas, catheterization, and so much more. Nurse role-play runs from nurturing to nasty, depending upon the severity of your affliction; enema-nurse discipline using her colon therapy pump is always effective.
Asylum patients and other reluctant subjects will be forced to endure their treatments while restrained.
Of course, not all patients respond to localized stimulation. Some require multi-day therapy sessions involving straitjacket confinement, sensory deprivation, hypnotic suggestion, control of bodily effluences, or even a torture-filled night in the randomly-programmed Electro-Orgasmatron.
She has been known to employ “Nurse Harvey’s Wet Sheet Pack” on those likely to attempt escape. The traction bed also features a canvas restraining sheet based on a design from a 1950s-era sanitorium.

More informatin on her website: Mistress Amanda Wildefyre

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre Mistress Amanda Wildefyre
Mistress Amanda Wildefyre