Holy Chastity

It was 1983 the year Sam decided to become a priest. Sam was never really sure of anything in his life besides his religion. He was conflicted about his submission. When he was 17 his first girlfriend Linda was a bulldog. Everything she touched she would bulldoze with her demeanour. She was a beautiful tall, curvy black girl, who lived with her mum just around the corner of Sam. It was easy for Sam to get to her house and Linda made sure to leave her window open each night, so Sam can crawl in after “lights out”.

Linda was in control of her sexuality. She was two years older than Sam and she knew how easy it was to get any boy to do whatever she thought was right for her. It was plain and simple. The boys either did what she wanted or they had to bounce. If she had any trouble, well, she also knew the right people that will assist when it was needed. The local gang called her “baby girl”, she was spicy, sassy, brave and a whole lot of brains to make anything happen.

Sam was aware of Linda’s repertoire that didn’t stop him, though. He was obsessed with her. He wanted to be around her all the time. Sam tried everything, flowers, chocolates, money, but Linda was stubborn, she wouldn’t look at Sam at all. One day Sam had enough, he walked straight up to Linda and asked her “why are you not interested in me?, I have given you everything I can and you still won’t look at me, is it because I am not attractive?” Sam asked with tears running down his chin and shivering like a leave. Linda smiled at him and for the first time, she noticed him. It was that moment she thought maybe he has something she could work with. Linda grabbed Sam’s hand and drag him to her room. Her mum was gone for the weekend, so the house was available for whatever she wanted. “Now, Sammy”, she said with a sweet voice, “you’re interested in me and it is very cute, but you need to go through some test to show me your true devotion” Sam quickly interrupts her “I would do anything to be with your Linda, absolutely anything”.

Linda pushed him onto a chair and forced him to sit down. Linda looked at him hard, she said “It is time to show me what kind of devotion you can bring to me, I will see if I should keep avoiding you, or give you my attention”, Sam was getting ready to experience something he never thought he could possibly see or feel, he was so excited. Linda had red ropes, she started to pull them out her closet with excitement. “Sammy, close your eyes” she ordered. Sam quickly closed his eyes feeling his cock getting harder and his body shivering. He couldn’t help but bite his lips and drool from the thought of having sex for the first time. Suddenly, Linda was tying him up from neck down. She unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and underwear down to his thighs, so his cock was exposed. Then she bound his balls to his legs. “Ouch!” he screamed, “it hurts, what are you doing?” Linda didn’t respond to his whining and it was about time to start her game. Following, the rope ritual Linda grabbed a cock caged and locked Sam’s cock up. It was a metal, heavy cage, which can only be locked with a padlock and a key. He can hear the keys and the lock noises. Sam was tempted to open his eyes, yet afraid to ruin everything. He was only brave to ask what was going on.

Linda laughed, “you are now locked for me and you will remain this way until you can show me how much you want me and of course if you are prepared to be mine for as long as I want you to. She whispered in his ear while giggling “Now, little Sammy, open your eyes, it is time to see what I can do with boys like you, who think can be man”. Sam was shocked, although terrible turned on. He didn’t know what to do with himself. His cock was betraying his senses and life just seemed like a TV show for a minute. There were no words he could possibly express after what he has seen. Linda walks out the room leaving him alone with his thoughts. There were waves of panic and also fear running through his body. His mind was thinking about how to escape or maybe how to persuade her to let him go, but then deep down he wanted to stay and be with the girl he has loved for months.

One hour went by and Sam was getting desperate, he could only think about getting released after this waiting time, but then Linda walks in, “hello boy, I was just next door having the most amazing sex ever, didn’t you hear me screaming, this is Phillip, say hi to him, Phillip and I have had sex for months, mmm and he is so good at it”. Linda continues while walking towards Sam and sitting on his lap completely naked, exposing everything he wanted to see. Seductively, Linda brushed her hair across his lips and teasing him. The cage is now tightly fitted and the pain Sam is feeling is indescribable. “Linda, you need to let me go, I am in pain, please, get that cage off me” Sam shouts, but his screams and pleas are ignored and Linda laughs even more intensely, calling Sam a pathetic boy over and over while she enjoys herself.

“Don’t you see my sex toy is here with us, watching you scream like a little girl? She laid Philip down on the floor and started riding him like a wild animal. She laughed at Sam, “honestly thought that you will do much better than this”. The entire room became torturous. Linda was indulging in more sex in front of Sam, looking at him and screaming his name every time she orgasm, but there was nothing Sam could do but cry and beg to be released. This went on for hours until Linda finally falls asleep and the sex boy leaves the house quietly, smiling at Sam.

It was almost 10:00pm that day and Sam was feeling his whole life has been taken away from him, yet deeply in love with Linda. He knew that his life will never be the same and no other woman could even go close to what he experienced that day. Linda wakes up and smiles at Sam. She looked gentle and glowy. Sam softly said, “Linda, thank you for this experience, I love you even more after today, you humiliated me, but at the same time you allowed me to share your fantasies and orgasms with you, will you ever take me as your lover?”. Linda gets out of bed and walks towards Sam sitting on his lap with the chastity key on her necklace. She embraces him and kisses him deeply almost making love to his lips and whispered: “if you stay in chastity for me, for two years, I will take you in as my lover and forever slave”. Her request was daunting and extremely difficult, but Sam did not consider it to be cruel. That day after that experience with the girl he loved, he decided clergy would be the best way to keep the promise and so he did. He enrolled in a seminar with the chastity belt given by Linda.

“Today, is the day I leave my mission, it has been two years and Linda has come to me every other week to clean me and caress my face, this way, I will alway remember the commitment I made to her. On this day, she will pick me up and release me from my extended chastity and will allow me to touch her as a reward for my deep dedication and devotion, today, I become a true slave”. It was a celebration and Linda with her high heels and red lipstick, walks into the seminar office with the chastity keys in her hands ready to fully own her slave forever.

Written by Domina Orchid