Get treated by Rubber Nurse Madame Caramel (London / UK)

Once every few months he needs a treatment by his fetish Nurse Madame Caramel. He lays for hours on the treatment table while Madame Caramel dressed in her rubber nurse uniform slowing works on all parts of his body. Of course everything needs to be clean before her inspection so she starts with a slow dripping enema. When all is clean she uses different dildo’s te inspect the proper function of his backpussy. Of course the best treatment are the most painful onces. So she slowly add more pain into the mix. His nipples are clamped just as his cock. To keep him relax she controls his breathing until he understand that he have to give his mind and body completely to his nurse. Of course no treatment is complete without a good milking. The venus 2000 does what it is designed for and the session ends with a big pool of spunk.

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