Get me Fixed

Mary, I can’t stand it anymore, it’s time for me to change something for my Mistress. I have been her slave for 2 years and I am still struggling with pleasing her. I just keep cumming every single time she touches me. I am frustrated and needing to do something quick, please call me back, It’s Tom.

Two days went by since the phone call and Tom haven’t heard back from Mary. The nerves had Tom pacing around his living room a Sunday morning, thinking about how he keeps making his Mistress unhappy. That Sunday he was home alone. His Mistress was with her bull, getting seduced and fucked for hours, while Tom, paced and worried waiting at home for her with a touch of melancholy. To take the edge off Tom lights a cigarette and sit on his desk. While surfing the internet for cock pumps and ball rings, he wondered whether those things could help him keep a hard-on or maybe hold his sperm in place. He was desperate. The phone rings.

“Hello, Tom is Mary, how are you?” says Mary with a cheery tone, “is everything okay? you seemed troubled on your voicemail, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I have been travelling with my slave, tell me what is going on?” Tom starts sobbing on the phone telling Mary his worries, “I need to do something Mary, I feel, I will lose her if you don’t help me, it has been two damn years and I keep pre-cumming every time she touches me. I mean, I can’t help it, she is so beautiful and I love her so much. I am crazy about her and oh man, those tits, I just can’t stop” he rambles desperately until Mary stops him with a stern commanding voice.

“Ok, Tom, stop panicking, I have a friend his name is Dr B, his nurse is very popular with the BDSM lifestylers, he is excellent at surgical transformations. She will make sure that he won’t freak out easily. I will give B a call and set an appointment for you, do not screw this up, he only gives one appointment per month and if you miss it, he might not reschedule, understood?” Tom said, do you know what the doctor will do to me?.” Mary interrupts “Tom, you will need to get there see for yourself, now stop whining. It’s time to do something about it, don’t you think?” Tom with a quivering tone responds “Yes”, nodding his head. “Alright then” Mary continues “now, go sit in your corner for 5 minutes and jerk off before Crystal gets back home, she will whip your ass if she sees you in that state. I will call you tomorrow and let you know the date, take care”. The call ends. Tom is now feeling a little better.

After Tom’s corner time and cumming from his jerking off command, he was feeling powerful. He knows Mary would support him and get things rolling quickly. The door lock clicks, it was Crystal walking up to him with her nice long legs and red heels, wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and hair in a ponytail. She looked refreshed and fairly relaxed. “Hi Mistress” Tom kneels, welcoming his owner “How was your date? did you have fun? would you like me to run a bath for you? dinner will be ready in a few minutes”. Crystal was not really interested in what Tom had to say, so she drops her coat on the floor exposing her curvaceous body and forces Tom to lay down face up, then seats on his face, forcing him to clean her up after her date.

Tom had no time to think or say a word. He was horny and waiting so much to please his Mistress. This was his chance to give her some happiness, so he took a deep breath smelling his Mistress, licking her gently all over her clit and tiny pee hole. He knows she would love that.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning out loud and enjoying riding Tom’s mouth. Tom knew he had to stop himself from getting hard and cumming quickly, because that would mean, he will not get permission to go see Dr.B if he cums. The usual punishment was cage time for a week and that could ruin any possibility to make the appointment.

He keeps thinking about the appointment and it was his motivation to only please his Mistress without a hard-on. The adrenaline was pumping all over his body but that didn’t stop him from making Crystal explode with an orgasm. “Good slave” Crystal smiled. “Go get my bath ready, do not get distracted talking to me, just do it” Crystal ordered while sipping on her wine. Tom felt happy and calm after pleasing his Mistress, there was nothing else in this world he wanted more than to make his owner happy.

Four days later, Tom’s appointment has finally arrived, he is beside himself with fear and excitement. Mary picked him up after lunchtime. It was nap time for his Mistress, so the perfect time to escape.”Hi Mary, thank you for picking me up, it has been a long few days, worrying sick about this day” Mary, yells at Tom “stop being so pathetic and get the GPS set up” he said, “yes Mary, I am sorry for being an idiot”.Traffic was really heavy and the clinic was just around the corner, Mary had to make a decision and that was to have Tom run to the clinic, while she gets herself out of the jam.

“Come on Tom! we can’t be late to this appointment remember what I told you about Dr B” Tom, figured there was no other way to escape the traffic and he decided to get out of the car and run towards his appointment. It was either that or missed it. He couldn’t risk one more second. Mary screamed out “Run Tom! I will get there soon”. It took him 5 minutes to get to the clinic.

While Tom was panting holding himself up from feeling exhausted, a tall blonde voluptuous nurse asked him if he needed something to drink. Tom didn’t realise how beautiful the nurse was. He was busy catching his breath and finding the strength to drink the water he was given. The nurse walks up close to him again bending over, showing off her cleavage, “are you, Tom? For your consultation?” Tom followed “yes, that’s me, surprised after the hot view he got from the nurse and suddenly feeling aroused. I am ready whenever you are, he grins after his attempt of sounding funny and light in a situation that was making him extremely horny and nervous.

The nurse smiled and asked Tom walk with her. They both walked into a white room with a TV and some magazines. Tom was confused as to why he was there considering he was not donating sperms or at least that is what he thought. “What is this place?” asked Tom nervously. “Oh this is our masturbation room, we ask our patients to masturbate while we watch, we measure how long it takes a patient to orgasm, how much is the load and the level of pleasure, we do this before we can find the perfect solution for the client’s problem” the nurse continued, “please come inside, take your clothes off and face the large window, you will be seen by me and Dr B at the other end of the glass. Don’t worry we will not have any facial expression that would make you feel nervous, the only think you have to do is masturbate facing us, is that ok with you?”

Tom was extremely nervous, but he knew this is what it took. The decision was made, so he stood in front of both the nurse and doctor and got naked. There was a small hesitation and Tom had a request “before I start this, can I ask Mary to join me? she knows me really well and I need some help” the nurse looked at Dr B, who nodded and agreed to have Mary in the room. Just a few minutes later, Mary was inside, ready to help Tom achieve his task.

“Hi slave, now take off your pants and do not the disappointment, I know you like to be humiliated don’t you? pathetic worm, quickly, I don’t have all the time in the world for you” Mary demands. Tom was immediately hard and on his knees. Dr.B was outraged and slammed the window panel several times before the nurse grabs his arms, slaps him hard, stop that worm B, pay attention. “Why do you stop me, this is horrible” he shouts to the nurse. This is called BDSM doctor, it is not abuse, Tom needs this, look, see how his cock is reacting, and what is more important look at how your little clit is reacting?. He was so embarrassed that he realised that her yelling at him, had caused him to cum in his scrubs. Please, sit down and observe, you will see what I am talking about shortly”. The doctor had no choice any longer, this had been a long time coming and now he was defeated and he knew it. His practice would be dictated by his nurse from that day forward.

Mary ignored the slams coming from the other side of the room. She continued to order Tom around, slap him and spit on him until he screams from the release of his cum all over the floor. The intensity was so high that Dr B couldn’t help but feel turned on himself. “Lick it Tom and go very slowly, show the audience you enjoy eating your cum like the slut you are” Mary laughed and looked back at the mirror with an ironic smirk and deep stare. It was time to stop now, the light went off and Mary was able to see, who was behind the windows. “So, you decided to join in this time bobby” she laughs, “oh man, now I get all the noise”, she looked knowingly at the defeated look in the doctor’s eyes, and the triumphant look on the nurse’s face. She said, “don’t worry, Tom is only a friend, come get him and fix him up, NOW!” Mary walks out moving her hips as she was hypnotising the whole room. It took only a few minutes before Tom was headed to the consultation room.

Dr B walks in and with a blank stare asked Tom to undress again and lay down on the table, “I am performing the operation now. I know what you need and I can fix it, are you ready?” Tom look at the Dr B with fear, but he was determined to please his Mistress. “Do whatever it takes doctor” Tom interrupts. The nurse walks in and preps Dr B all the tools were ready and sanitised. It was a standard practice but also an experiment. Dr B was cutting Tom’s balls and inserting a machine that will lock and unlock the scrotum, with a remote control. The machine will allow Tom to be hard for hours building his cum, yet not allowing it to cum without the remote control. The machine was tested on at least 10 other males and they all add different effects, but Dr B decided not to talk about them. He wanted Mary to be happy so he went through the operation, which lasted two hours.

The machine was in place, a camera was filming the entire process. The sensor was tested and the balls with an open wound were swelling up each time the remote control was handled. The remote had a laser and also a shocker. Useful for some CBT play. The main function was cum resistance and hard-on stimulation. After the device was tested, the incision was closed up and Tom was left to recover after his heavy anaesthesia. The nurse informed Mary that everything went well, however, they might be some side effects, such as, heavy balls and feeling aroused for hours. Mary smiled and figured that wasn’t so bad.

It was time to go home and Tom was really groggy. “Tom, we need to tell Crystal what happened, she is going to see you in this state and get really upset” Mary shared concerned. It was useless since Tom was completely out of it and falling asleep during the entire ride home. Mary had no choice but to go to Crystal and tell her what happened. She gave her the remote control and warned her about his side effects once the anaesthesia ran out. Crystal was shocked but amused by her slave’s devotion. She was curious about the remote control and completely ignored any warning Mary might have given her.

Two hours later Tom is now in bed and Crystal is sitting in the corner of the room waiting for him to wake up. She felt aroused and intrigued as to what was coming and wanted to test his cock straight away after all the disappointing sex she experienced with Tom. Her patience was running low, but wine always helped her relaxed. “Mistress, Mistress, where are you” Tom mumbled. “I am right here slave” Crystal answered while walking towards him. “I want to ride this cock are you able to take the pain for me? I do not want to wait” Crystal was in a rush to try the new toy, ripping her clothes off and riding her slave with him still unconscious, but his cock was able to fully work. The hard cock was not a disappointment, it was like that for hours and Crystal took her time to ride and use him as a dildo stuck to a man. She didn’t care about him needing some rest, and Tom was honestly pleased and sedated, which meant nothing else mattered.

After a few weeks of the same, Tom was tired of not getting to see his balls release all the cum he had inside, he was horny all the time and didn’t know how or what to do. He had a crazy idea, an idea that might jeopardise the relationship with his Mistress. He was going to try to be the bull. He was determined. Tom called his Mistress bull and asked for pointers, he wanted to be the best sex she ever had. Tom knew his Mistress has been using him for weeks, so he made himself available. On that moment, after Crystal rides him, Tom arousal grew and Crystal was making his hard-on even more intense, suddenly, he grabs her wrist and pulls her away from him, bending her into doggy style. Crystal was shocked and laughed about the incident. She doubted he could fuck her as her bull did, but she was mistaken. Tom was horny and well rested. His cock grew every single time he nailed her asshole and his will to submit disappeared. He fucked her, grabbed her in every direction possible and Crystal orgasm harder than she could ever imagine.

Her asshole was also opened and forced in and Tom didn’t care about her screams and cries for rest. Crystal felt her body squirting, shivering, cumming after every touch and after hours of the same. Tom decided to cum inside her, breeding her and forcing her into pregnancy. It was intense and a complete role exchange. Crystal was broken in that moment, everything changed, she knew that the only bull she would ever have again would be Tom. On that day, Tom decided that all the dates, would be with him from that day on, he slapped her and told her so. Crystal bowed her head and said “Yes sir Tom Bull” then she squirted and became a broken woman.


Written by Domina Orchid