Dr Annabel Sadistra – London Medical Mistress

Enter a sterile white medical fetish clinic  and become the helpless patient of London Medical Mistress Dr Annabel Sadistra, discreetly nestled close to Royal Albert Hall  and Natural History Museum in London’s South Kensington.

A full range of medical treatments and bizarre medical practices are guaranteed to bring even the most ardent medical fetishist to their knees. Sublime treatments include mechanical milking with both the Serious Kit Milker and Venus 2000 with a full range of accoutrements. Advanced breath play and gender reassignment fantasies including saline breast infusions are undertaken with skill at this London Fetish Clinic.

A full range of catheter both urinary and naso plus drainage bags and feeding syringes allow Fetish Doctor Sadistra to use every orifice of your body to create a myriad of kinky sensations. Dr will expect you to comply with all medical treatments. Full range of asylum clinical restraints and head bondage for the more skittish medical patient! Excellent range of bizarre gags many vintage medical items.

Appointments from between 1.5hrs and 3 days as an inpatient of this London Fetish Clinic. Many bizarre practices unseen outside mainland Europe. Only 24 mins from Heathrow Airport. 4 minutes from South Kensington tube on foot.