Dr Annabel (London / UK)

Dr Annabel has recently refurbished and extended Her sterile White Clinic discreetly based in Central London’s Kensington. Medical treatments include deep colonics, enemas, naso and urinary catheters and a full range of needle play and suturing treatments. Resplendent is a Quantiflex breathing machine for a whole range of breathplay/anaesthesia roleplay treatments. Serious Kit and Venus 2000 milking for all parts of the body and a stunning array of mind control/hypno techniques leave the medical patient under full control of the Doctoress in no time.

Medical bondage /mummification and pain therapy is administered for the more unruly lascivious patients. The finest¬† UK gummi klinik for heavy rubber treatments, straight jacket /asylum play, rubber bondage and sweating therapies.¬† London’s Twisted Clinic is open from 9am 6 days for medical patients/medical fetishists. Limits respected but pushed for the satisfaction of the Doctoress Annabel.

WhatsApp: +44 7494 333808