Billy the Lucky Seventh (circumcision fetish)

It was really difficult to wake up today, my legs and hips were completely numb after that painful yet exhilarating experience three days ago. I still can’t believe it. Although, I am sure my alpha girlfriend will definitely enjoy it, but right now, I can only think back about that day. Let me tell you my story, the story of a boy who was desperate to impress the love of his life and become a real man for that love, my name is Billy and this is my story.

It was January 17th, the day I was extremely humiliated by my girlfriend Nicole. We have been dating for a year and everything was great until she met Simon. Simon was this 7 feet tall, body builder guy with a 10-inch cock, at least that is how big it seemed. He was tanned, dark brown hair and green eyes, in summary, the perfect bloody fuck buddy. Simon was coming around more and more to visit Nicole at our home, of course, could do nothing about it. I agreed to be her pussy and I was gladly indulging in some cuckoldry. It was terrifying and it made me so angry each time, I saw Nicole running to get fucked by him, while I was sitting next door just able to listen to them having a great time. One day, I had enough, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to see with my own eyes what the big fuss was about. I was a good fuck toy, at least that is what my stupid ego was telling me before I was confronted with the most humiliating fact of my life.

I was sitting on my boy chair tightening my fist and feeling my entire body turning red from anger and anxiety. My lips were moving whispering to myself “I don’t deserve this isolation” over and over again, it became my mantra, preparing me for the war I was about to engage in and show my manhood, one way or another. It was a subliminal experience the way my body just jumped out of the chair and ran into the other room screaming at the top of my lungs, “STOP FUCKING MY GIRL, YOU FUCKER”. Naturally, in my head, it seemed like a good plan and thought Nicole would get turned on by my bold manly behaviour. I loved her and needed her so much. I was completely bewitched by her body. And no matter how many times Simon came around, and no matter how many times I vowed to leave I couldn’t. I had to fight for it.

I was so wrong and quickly humiliated. Nicole and Simon were surprised and stopped fucking each other looking at me in shocked. This beast of a man, released his cock from Nicole slowly, to avoid ripping her apart and kissed her deeply on her lips before walking towards me. Each step he took was the announcement of my death, each stomp makes me feel likes my body hairs were shivering so much they just decided to abandon my whole skin without the pain of waxing. I knew my death has been announced by a giant with a massive cock. Simon walked closer to me and I was literally facing his chest.

Look at me Billy, he said with a very deep voice. I utterly refused to be further intimidated so I did look up as much as I could, that glance allowed me to see his shiny white teeth and mouth movements saying “no need to stressed out mate, the magic is in my cock, give me your hands, I will show you”. It took a few minutes before I extended my hands to grab another man’s cock. I do have to admit it was a beautiful cock, its shape, and texture, how much thicker it looks and the tip, seemed shiny and well kept. It was a fuckable cock as Nicole described it over and over before meeting Simon.

I gasped a huge sigh and drop my head, Nicole was laughing at me, calling me a pathetic boy and sending me to my room. I felt defeated and for that moment I wanted to just be castrated to avoid feeling this way ever again. There was not point to have an insignificant cock. My sentence was already part of me. My mind was set up for Nicole’s instruction, mapping how I would become her eunuch after I interrupted the best sex she could ever have.

The next day, Simon rang me and asked to see me without Nicole. I was surprised, but at the same time relieved to get out of the house. Simon made it very clear that we could only meet in a dungeon next to his flat and I was not to tell Nicole where or who, I was meeting. It was of utmost importance I keep it a secret. After an hour ride into the woods, I see Simon wearing absolutely nothing, which was already something I was getting nervous about. I was not ready to get fucked by a man or a big cock mammoth like him . I took a deep breath and walked my clumsy self out of the car. Simon, I said with a shaky voice, “I am not into big cock men, I’m afraid” giggling nervously. He immediately slapped the back of my head and commanded me to walk towards the cabin. It was getting dark and foggy and the only lights I could see came from candles or oil lamps.

Sit Billy, we will begin our ritual soon. I will give some cards you will read out loud and then we will begin. Simon walked towards me and stripped me naked, I was in shocked, my body couldn’t move, my lips were almost sewed together from the fear and did I mentioned I also piss myself, oh yes, the humiliation was that deep. I was not able to do anything and I was even more scared to run away in this dark wood camp. “Please don’t fuck me Simon”, as soon as those words came out of my mouth he slapped me again and told me to settle down. It was the end, I thought.

Simon, walked away leaving me alone in that room, I wanted to run, but something in me was making me feel horny and excited about whatever could happen and I figured that if he wanted to kill me, he would have done it by now, right?, I started whistling to a Taylor Swift song, (shameful, I know), but hey I was shitting myself. All the sudden I heard the slamming of car doors. I ran towards the windows, being very careful. There were three convertible outside and 5 other men looking as handsome and build like Simon. I was now officially petrified. Between the laughter and the whispering among themselves, I was not able to figure out what was going on.

All the sudden, the sounds were gone and I could only hear boots walking towards me. The door was opened really gently and 6 men with black capes and white masks walked into the room, I was in. My mouth wasn’t about the spill a word. Then all of the sudden, Simon said, a voice I recognised, “Welcome, Billy, these are my friends and we are here to complete a ritual and you have what we need to continue the meaning of this club” we will need your skin”. My my …skin, but what skin? My whole body? I cried. No Billy, we need your foreskin. Oh! Ok, wait for what?! Do you want to circumcise my cock? Here in the woods? yes, Billy, we do.

The men were humming a tune, holding a candle surrounding Simon and myself. A part of me wanted to fight it so badly, but I was just so curious as to why this was important and why I was so aroused by it. Simon gave me some cards, with words to read out loud :

I, Billy, admire the power of Simon’s supreme cock, his beauty and powerful strength to fuck my Nicole, I believe the power comes from his circumcised cock and I will accept under this oath to allow Simon, to cut off my foreskin. I will accept the ritual, with no anesthesia and eat my skin, as a sign of rebirth.”

The minute I finished reading the card, he removes a large sword from his cloak. He licks the sword and points it upwards reciting some words in latin and before I knew it, two of his men were holding me down. I screamed and asked them to stop, but they didn’t stop and no compassion was even visible. I tried to fight it and Simon, calmly kicked my balls with his heavy boots and now I am not able to move from the excruciating pain. The humming became louder and I was part of this ritual. All the sudden, I only felt a tear running down my left cheek and a scream that left my body with no control of how loud it was. The intensity of that moment forced my body to collapse and faint. I was woken up from alcohol being rubbed into my nose. Simon had a wooden bowl after the horrifying cut, and said here, drink it.

I spit his face and said, you drink it fucking lunatic, and his boys pinned me down and grabbed my mouth open while forcing all the liquid inside my mouth. I had no choice than to drink it all and feel something going down my throat, what is that I swallowed? Your foreskin, one of the men said, which made me gag over and over again. Once, the ritual was done, Simon lift me and cleaned me up, gave me a cold wipe with towels and after leaving me in bed covered, he said he will come pick me up tomorrow.


It was now tomorrow and with some soup and bread in his hands he said, Billy, welcome, you are now the Lucky Seven. This was my story, the way I went from a foreskin proud wanker to a circumcised club recruit.


Written by Domina Orchid