Bastienne Cross (Toronto/Canada)

Welcome to the Medical Clinic of Professional Dominatrix and just general Meanie Bo Beanie, Nurse Bastienne! Role playing the caretaker from hell and igniting all those troped-out nurse fantasies in a delightful, playfully sadistic new way. Experience one of Bastienne’s ‘therapeutic’ ball massages, detoxifying you from your own weakness or will to lead. Patient’s occasionally require heavy bondage and a breath test, using Bastienne’s unconventional, but highly arousing, facesitting technique. Let’s test out those lungs of yours!

With two locations in Toronto available, you’ll be sure to have your health needs met. Bastienne hosts from her casual play space in Etobicoke, creating a ‘house call’ vibe for those who like something more relaxed. Also hosting from Studio Ludus in North York where there is a fully equipped medical room for those who like their play a little colder and more .. sterile 😉

Book your check-up today in North York or Etobicoke, both within the Greater Toronto Area!

Twitter: @BossyBastienne
Clip Store: Ballbuster Bastienne